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    Spare parts series
    Bulldozer Series
    Excavator Series
    Wheel loader Series
    Road roller Series
    Pipelayer Series
    Trimming dozer Series
    Moto grader Series
    Concrete Machinery
    Rotary Drilling Series
    Forklift truck series
    Add:RM1005,Wanlifude Plaza,Jining,Shandong,China.

    Jining Dekai Machinery Co., Ltd ( abbreviated as Dekai) is located in Jining where is the famous manufacturing base of machinery. Jining faces QUFU, the hometown of CONFUCIUS on the east; Jining faces the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal with long history on the west; Jining faces WEISHAN Lake on the south and Mountain Tai on the north which is the No.1 mountain among the sacred five mountains of China. The famous construction machinery manufacturer SHANTUI and Kamatsu are located in this beautiful city, too.

    As the professional exporter of construction machinery, we mainly deal with the export of bulldozer, excavator, road roller, motor grader, fork lift, concrete machinery and their spare parts. Through continuously effort of all staffs, all kinds of construction machinery are exported to foreign market and spare parts are mainly exported to Russia, Mid-Asia, America, Middle-east and Africa market.

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    Add:RM1005,Wanlifude Plaza,Jining,Shandong,China. Tel:+86-537-5158188
    Fax:+86-537-5158188 E-mial:shantuili@163.com